The Stresses of Peak Periods: Organising Warehousing Requirements

warehouse organisation in Australia
In the Australian economy, handling shipment volume during the peak period is an organisational challenge. Employees who usually conduct order fulfilment services spend most of the year trying to come up with a plan. Typically, the outpour in the first inbound shipment includes a three to four-month peak before the outbound shipments overlap. The first shipments are usually for retailers and then comes a massive spike when they have to ship directly to consumers.

Besides getting items from pallet racking suppliers, warehouses can utilise several tactics to maintain service level agreements during peak demand periods.

Carefully Handle Labourers

Ask your employees in the sales and finance division to dodge vacation time for the peak season. You can even hire temporary staff to do some labour, but it is better to put trained workers on additional shifts. Consider further day shifts and night shifts if necessary. You can begin as early as you can, even before the peak season starts, so you are already prepared once the peak months commence.

Resolve any problem with attendance and training before the vital months. You can also cross-train employees and supervisors on additional responsibilities, shifts, and tasks. Whenever it is possible, add scalability and flexibility at the lowest imaginable cost.

Look Out for Issues with the Carrier

Eventually, all your parcels and shipments are controlled by physical restrictions. Just like your facility, the parcel carriers will encounter issues, such as the lack of manpower. They will most likely control sorting capacities, equipment, and extra drivers, which will lead to delays in ground service during those days. Try to find a courier service that will deliver your parcels on time and take good care of it.

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Rely on the above techniques, but ensure that your facility rolls out a focused plan during peak periods. This will help keep everybody on his or her feet beside improvement in productivity.