An Extrovert’s Friendship Shortlist for Keeping Introvert Friends

Friendship PerksHow can an introvert be friends with an extrovert? Is it possible to be friends with someone who doesn’t share your own way of living? Here are ways to improve your relationship with your more withdrawn, quiet friend despite your more outgoing personality.

Ask How They Feel – As an extrovert, it’s a lot easier for you to talk about how you feel. It’s not the same with introverts. They don’t want to talk about it because they’re not sure how people will respond. It can also be due to fears of being rejected due to former negative experiences. Be sure to listen intently when they talk because it’s going to be their most sincere way of trusting you.

Get in Touch with Silence – Talk can be a big thing for your introverted friends. But silence and quiet are far more powerful and meaningful. It’s because most of the dialogue happens inside their head. Watch out for those telltale signs of their personality and respect it. If you want to show any form of communication, always start out by providing something they can understand, like a drink, a snack, or a topic they love.

Be Thoughtful – Introverts find it nearly impossible to ask for favors because it means being beholden to someone. If you want to get on their good side, don’t hesitate to ask if you can help them out in their house or projects. Do things out of concern for them, such as contacting a maintenance company for furnace service or renting a cleaning person on their behalf or even offering to house sit when they’re engrossed in work or school. These little favors allow them time to enjoy their space.

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While companionship between two clashing personalities can often be rocky, there’s no reason to not give it a shot. Take it slow with your friend and learn the ways they show their love and affection. Rule of thumb: when your friend needs time alone, it’s not because they hate you. With time and understanding, you both will eventually share a stronger bond.