Demolition Methods: Wrecking Ball and Beyond

Demolition Method in WhangareiDemolition is a common practice to destroy and replace old properties. But it requires more than just heads, skills and careful planning. The success of a demolition lies greatly on the method and the machines used.

Miley Cyrus may have come in like a wrecking ball, but there are more ways to demolish a property than one.

Different Demolition Methods

Manual – This method involves the use of Hand tools, such as chisels and claw bars. Manual demolition is ideal for small areas, as it is time and labour consuming. Safety of the workers and the work area should be prioritised even more as debris and materials might pose potential hazards.

Implosion – Collapsing the whole building involves placing explosive devices strategically around the foundations of the property. The demolition company should analyse the blueprint of the whole area in order to carry out this method successfully.

Wrecking Ball – This is the oldest mode of demolition done by swinging or dropping a ball weighing as much as 13,500 pounds, using a crane, to knock down the structure. This method, however, has its limitations, and is therefore not advisable for all types of demolition projects.

High Reach Arm – This involves the use of different types of machinery to reach and subsequently demolish a building. If you want to demolish your old property in Whangarei using this method, be sure to hire only machines especially made for excavation and earthmoving, which Cates Brothers recommends.

Power Shears – If other methods target the insides or the top of a building, power shears can cut through establishments, especially ones where heavy metals and concrete are involved. This method likewise requires the use of other specialised machines.

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Whichever method you choose, it is always important to keep the safety of the workers and the public a priority. This is possible with proper training, the right sets of skills and well-maintained machinery.