Concrete Garden Decorations You can Make Yourself

DIY concrete gardenThere are so many projects you can DIY (do-it-yourself) at home to make your garden look incredible and unique. The best part about DIY-ing these things — apart from learning something new — is that you are not likely to find them at your local department store, or even in any other property anywhere near your block. They’re your creations!

Here are some simple ideas using mostly cement.

Concrete and wood bench and table for your garden

For this project, you need to weld some steel together to form the legs. The bench can either be wood or concrete. The table has to be concrete with a built-in planter for succulents. The good thing about using wood for your bench is you just need any hardwood plank. As for your table, it’s going to be quite a heavy slab so make sure the legs can hold it. You may have to look at concrete vibrators for sale in NZ if you’re going to be doing a lot of these large slabs, just to make sure there are no air bubbles. Vibrators make concrete slabs and walls sturdier and therefore safer.

Concrete candle holders

These are some of the easiest to make. You just need a few empty plastic cups. Your yoghurt cups should be perfect. Pour just enough concrete in a cup, put a candle in the middle to form the mould. For a smoother finish, put more water into your concrete mix. Then you can either paint the finished candle holder or stick some decorative cut-outs. Use masking tape if you want some neat lines when you paint them.

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Concrete stepping stones

You can either find moulds at a DIY or gardening store or create your own using wooden planks nailed together. The sizes of the stepping stones are up to you. When you use a mould all throughout, the stones fit together perfectly. For a more decorative touch, use lace or stencil on top of the wet cement, suggests an expert from PowerPac Group.

These are just a few of the things you can DIY to make your garden look better and more personal. The only limit to what you can do with wood and concrete is your imagination.