Basic Maintenance Pointers for Extending Your HVAC Unit’s Lifespan

Extending Your HVAC Unit's LifespanHVAC units are essential appliances in almost all Australian homes. That said, extending the life of your HVAC becomes a necessity. Here are some useful pointers for keeping your heating and cooling system in tip-top condition.

Check Annually – Rule of thumb for most HVAC units: have it checked regularly. For the air conditioning unit, check it at least once a year before the summer months come. Have the vents checked as well, along with the thermostat and the other significant parts of your HVAC system.

Maintain and Clean – During the months when you're using your HVAC system, make sure that you keep it the unit cleaned and well-maintained. Check your units' operations manual for proper maintenance procedures. Replace the air filters, clean the vents, remove debris, dust and lint; and wipe it down along with the other furniture and appliances. Inspect the control boxes, controls, electrical wirings and system connections regularly.

Repair at Once – If you find something wrong with your unit during your daily or weekly cleaning and check-up make sure that you get the unit repaired at once. Odd noises, unpleasant odours and inconsistent performances are good enough reasons to have it looked at. You can try to have a look at the unit yourself and do basic maintenance, however, you may need to call on a professional for repairs and replacements.

Use Proper Parts – When you're doing your own replacements, select quality over price.  Durability and effectiveness of your spare parts do matter since the lifespan and performance of your HVAC unit can be affected. Look for reputable brands and supplier of HVAC parts when making your purchases. The same can be said when requested by your repairman to order a part.

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It also matters that you find a reputable HVAC maintenance and repair company for your unit. Do consider their affordability and price packages as well. After all, your family and your HVAC unit will all be the better for it.