A 5-Point Plan to Get Your Garage Clean, Cleared and Organized

Family Cleaning The GarageYour garage can be a health and safety hazard if you don’t clean and organize it regularly. If you didn’t know that, then it’s time to start changing how things work at home. Here’s an easy-to-follow five-point plan for a one-day garage clean-up drive.

Preparing – Buy shelves, cabinets, containers with covers and seals and other storage compartments that you can fit into your garage. Check for needed repairs, contact the right people for it and schedule their arrival on the day you plan to revive your garage.

Clearing – On the allotted day, bring everything out of the garage. This means everything. Classify them according to the list you made earlier, setting one pile for those you need to store in the garage, another for what you need to bring into the house and one more for the stuff you need to be rid of.

Cleaning – You can do the typical sweeping, mopping with suds and hosing down on the floor. For stubborn stains, you may need to use scrubbing pads. If you don’t intend to scrub the whole wall down do try to remove all ugly stains on your garage walls instead.

Repair – If you have contacted the repair company, then their people would most likely be helping you out. Do add a bit more to their fee if they do choose to assist you when cleaning and clearing. At this point, Elite Garage Repairs says that the professionals you’ve hired can start with the spring repairs, electrical rewiring and their other required tasks.

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Organizing – Bring out your newly bought storage receptacles and set them up in your garage. Organize the items you want to keep in a way you can easily identify where they are. For items that you need to bring into the house, give them their own storage boxes. Then pack those you need to rid them off your backyard.

Now that the garage has been cleaned, repaired and de-cluttered, start posting your unwanted stuff on e-bay and your social media sites or hold a literal garage sale within the week. Not only did you organize your garage, now you have extra cash on your hands.