Wheel Care 101: Cleaning Guide for your Fuchsfelgen Wheels

Car WheelsNothing ruins the look of a newly cleaned Porsche than a grimy set of Fuchsfelgen wheels. Your Fuchs wheels get the brunt of road grime and brake dust, which are more often than not, tough to remove.

Eliminating Brake Dust

Brake pads are composed of minuscule carbon and metal fibers that are fused with a polymer adhesive. It is those hot adhesive and particles that could burn into your wheels’ finish and leave behind marks that are difficult to remove. In the event that you’ve already tried washing your wheels with a normal cleaner and the brake dust still won’t come off, it’s time for some harder TLC.

However, it’s very crucial to select the right type of cleaner to prevent damage to your wheels. The majority of modern aluminum wheels are typically clear-coated for protection, but older ones might be polished or anodized. A cleaner with an acid base might work fine on bare aluminum wheels but will damage the clear coat on coated wheels. That said, look for a cleaner that’s marketed as “clear coat safe” if you’re unsure whether your wheels are coated or not.

Now that you’ve decided on what cleaner to use, remove the hubcaps and wash them separately using plain detergent and soap. Afterward, apply the cleaner using a cleaning tool that won’t damage your wheels. Consider cotton cloths or soft brushes for wiping, and toothbrush with soft bristles for areas that are harder to access. Once you’re satisfied with the result, dry your wheels using a clean cloth so that water spots won’t develop.

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Some Important Things to Consider

Only clean your wheels after thoroughly cleaning your Porsche’s body and tires so that you won’t re-contaminate your wheels from the grime washing off your car. If you want to keep your Porsche’s Fuchs felgen wheels cleaner for longer, consider waxing them to slow down brake dust accumulation and make subsequent cleanings easier. You could likewise try applying products marketed as protectants for repelling dirt and dust as an added protection. Lastly, consider removing your wheels at least once a year so you could clean both the front and back portions.