Outdoor Drills and Goals for Intermediate RV Watercolor Artists

Watercolor Skills In ArkansasWanting to expand your horizons in your watercolor artwork? Pack your art materials, load your RV with provisions and drive away. Keep to the road and start looking to the great outdoors for paint drill inspiration.

Drill: Layers

Watercolors aren’t always light and effervescent. It can be incredibly detailed and colorful, creating stunning realism and evocative imagery. Layering, which is putting down color several times over the same spot, can produce realistic images by these gradients created by several strokes.

Goal: Plein Air

Take in the scenery and paint outside of your RV. Layering capture open air scenes perfectly. And it might take time to complete your painting, which is why purchasing any RV for sale in Arkansas is a good investment for this intermediate project, Moix RV suggests.

Drill: Washes

Washes are part of the heart and soul of watercolor. It is what sets it apart from much drier mediums like oils and acrylics. Practice making washes with big brushes, lots of water, and a great amount of patience.

Goal: Panoramas

Park in an area that overlooks a scenic spot. Practice your washes by painting the furthest buildings in a city or the entire eye line of a beach on a long, horizontal canvas. Use big, sweeping strokes at the start and go smaller and smaller for details.

Drill: Line and Wash

A trick of the old masters is to draw something first with a pencil or ink pen then color it in. Much like an adult coloring book, this is perfect for creating striking shapes that jump out of the paper, making it popular for beginner and advanced painters.

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Goal: Prints

Make small bookmarks, stickers, or decals with tiny portraits and even cartoonish drawings to give as samples and gives to friends and contacts. Work with a lot of natural light inside or outside your RV.

When you feel like you’re not going anywhere, drive away and do your drills under the sky. Be brave enough to get out of your comfort zone and do something different. It is the only way one can level up artistically.