Australia’s Construction Boom Drives Job Growth

Construction Activity Boom for Jobs in AustraliaThe construction activity boom in Australia paved the way to job creation, including opportunities for skilled foreign labourers seeking work visas in the country.

Recruiting firm Hays said the level of real estate projects such as new homes, apartments and commercial properties are driving the surge in new jobs across several states. The growth in employment numbers takes place as the country’s economy shifts to the service industries from mining, said Ronan Mulry, Hays Construction business director.

At the same time, the Australian construction sector expects to go digital in the future. The incorporation of technologies, like building information modelling, will reshape how companies work on projects. PowerPac Group and other construction equipment suppliers say that it may not take long before construction equipment, warning signs and concrete vibrators would be a normal part of the construction process.

Growth Factors

Due to a surge in demand, a record growth of residential construction Australia’s eastern states led the regions to post the biggest numbers in new jobs. For instance, there are plenty of jobs for skilled workers in Sydney due to teeming projects in the city’s commercial and residential markets.

Some of the opportunities that are in demand include qualified contracts administrators, project and site managers for various projects ranging from multi-story to high-rise buildings. In addition, companies also seek architects with knowledge and skills in BIM, as well as project engineers.

High Technology

The digital age for technology may not have a full implementation in Australia now, but many industry members are already touting the benefits of modern construction technology. Aconex CEO Leigh Jasper believes the digitalisation of construction companies would allow them to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

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World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab also predicted that construction enterprises — either large or small — will be left behind if they are not quick in adapting new technologies to keep up with the rapidly changing environment in the industry.