Audi Wearables that Unleash Calm Drivers

Drivers in PetoskeyAudi, the German manufacturer, introduced a new platform referred to as the Audi Fit Driver. Their main goal is to put their clients in a healthier mind and a more peaceful state while they are on the way to work. The company prioritizes the safety of their clients, which is why most car dealers in Petoskey, such as Fletch’s GMC Buick Audi, offer their car models. They know that clients prefer brands that speak for them and know what they need.

How will the wearables help the driver?

The Audi Fit Driver connects to wearable fitness trackers, such as a smartwatch or a fitness wristband, and tracks important parameters. The manufacturer wants to know the skin temperature and heart rate of the driver to analyze his condition. Vehicle sensors will then supplement the data gathered with information on the breathing rate, driving style, traffic, and weather conditions.

The collected data will deduce the current state of the client, watching out for elevated fatigue or stress. Different vehicle systems will then act to protect, vitalize, and relax the driver. The aim of the manufacturer is to offer premium driver experience, personalized to the current state of the driver. If the car detects an unhealthy state, it will try to calm the driver by giving a refreshing and calming seat massage, adaptive infotainment, comfortable interior lighting, and fitting climate control.

Does the system offer other options?

The German manufacturer shares that the vehicle’s capacity to improve the driver’s concentration and lessen his stress level is a new addition. Once the car identifies if the driver feels stressed, it will begin a video tutorial in the cockpit for a breathing exercise. The system consists of an intelligent rest break management that views the current traffic flow when suggesting a break. This will enable the driver to keep calm at the closest rest area rather than be stuck in traffic.

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Audi is looking into a future where drivers leave their cars feeling calmer than when they entered it. They know that a car does not only offer personal space, but a connected one too. This is why they took the opportunity to track the fitness and health of the driver.