Safety on the Road: What to Do When Witnessing a Car Accident

 Car AccidentAnyone who owns a car is taught to drive defensively to avoid danger. However, what happens if your path is obstructed by a collision? Here are a few must-dos when faced with this situation.

Don’t Panic – Panic is a powerful emotion. Not everyone can remain calm especially in these situations. If you happen to witness a car accident, remember to control your urge to panic, which only makes things worse. Breathe evenly, don’t scream at or accuse anyone of anything as the roads usually have cameras for that; then get some help as soon as possible. Some of the numbers to call would be the police, medical response units and truck towing services.

Rescue and Assist – Good Samaritan or not, it’s every person’s duty to help others in times of need or danger. A car accident can potentially be harmless or utterly catastrophic, so your own discretion and expertise should be considered. If there are people who are in need of medical assistance or are in immediate danger, tend to them at once. You can also be of help to authorities by locating the injured, testifying or even staying out of their way as they do their job.

Report the Incident – Giving a statement immediately ensures that details are remembered with integrity. The longer you keep your information to yourself, the faster you would forget specifics. You can choose to volunteer your eyewitness account or answer once local authorities ask you for your statement. Remain calm, stick exactly to what you witnessed, and keep it simple. The sooner everyone’s statements are recorded, the sooner the details of the accident can be filed.

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While you won’t be witnessing a car accident often and you would usually try to avoid them as much as possible, you must remember that your own safety and security is your priority. You can’t exactly help if you end up being part of the accident too, so use wisdom and discretion in all your actions.