Biking, Health and the Environment: A Relationship

Biking in AustraliaDo you want to leave your sedentary lifestyle or unhealthy habits and start replacing them with healthy ones? Well, one of the key things your new healthy lifestyle choice should have is exercise.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular physical exercise will help you improve your overall health, well-being and may reduce your risk for chronic diseases.

Cycling or biking has seen a steady rise in popularity nowadays. It’s actually one of the mode of transportation which is promoted today. Instead of taking a car or bus, you can pedal your way to work and physical fitness, according to The Yellow Jersey Bike Shop.

Here are some quick facts to make you more dedicated to pursue biking as your mode of exercise:

Cycling to a healthier life

Biking is a form of an aerobic exercise, meaning apart from your muscles, your heart, blood vessels and also your lungs will get a full workout too. It increases stamina, energy, strength and even flexibility, so no more stiff joints and back!

Biking increases you metabolic rate, burns fats and build muscle, making it a great way for you to lose fat and slim down your body. Because of the numerous health benefits of cycling, studies have shown that it can prevent or reduce risk to chronic diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases like stroke, high blood pressure and heart attack.

Biking is a fun way to explore different places, it elevates your mood and improve mental health that’s why biking can reduce risks for mental conditions such as depression, anxiety and stress.

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It’s not only an exercise, it’s also a mode of transport

Riding your car to work or to the grocery or anywhere means you’re using gas. It’s like your burning up your money just so you can travel from one point to another. So why not ride your bike instead? Instead of burning money for your gas and car maintenance, ride your bike and burn your fats. You’re not only reducing your monthly bills and costs, you’re also reducing your health risks.

It’s not only for you, it’s for Mother Nature too

Cars emit chemicals and gasses that are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. And every time you use your car, you’re contributing to the continuous destruction of Mother Nature. Did you know that for every mile you bike, you are actually cutting 1 pound of carbon dioxide in the air? So biking is not only for the health of your body and wallet it’s also for the health of Mother Nature. Remember, taking care of your body and the environment you live in should always go hand in hand. So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest bike store in Brisbane and start pedaling away.