Safety: A Primary Reason for Choosing a New Car

Safety in new carsWhen buying a car, all Australians want to get the best possible deal. Many choose pre-owned vehicles, while others want only a new one. There is nothing wrong with going for a used automobile, but there are many advantages in choosing brand new cars.

Safety in new cars

In the hopes of securing the lowest price, many Australians commonly overlook an extremely important factor when purchasing a vehicle: safety.

Apart from its new and great smell, a new ride that comes straight from one of the reputable car dealerships in Ipswich possesses many safety features you will not find in used automobiles. The older the model of the vehicle, the fewer chances you have of enjoying today’s latest safety technologies.

And while this does not necessarily mean pre-owned cars may already put you in danger, one that has advanced safety features can make a huge difference especially when you get involved in a road collision.

Advances in car safety technologies

Auto manufacturers constantly add significant new or improved safety features on their products with every release they make, an expert from Boettcher Motors notes. So what you will find in a 2016 model is likely not available in a 2015 model, much less on an older release.

Some of the greatest advances in the car safety technologies include backup cameras, as well as systems such as Blind Spot Monitoring, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Forward Collision Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

Studies on the safety performance of new cars

As the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries reported, road fatalities in the country have decreased over the last ten years. Many studies attribute this decline to the new safety technologies auto manufacturers equip to the new products they launch every year.

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There is a lot more to a new car than just its looks and smell. So think about your plans of getting a used vehicle and instead, consider the life-saving potential that a new one has.