Planning a Remote Construction Site

Construction SiteA construction site in a remote area, where regular services and comforts are unavailable, is a more challenging work area to set up. Your team will naturally list down all the requirements they will be needing for the job, but there are other matters to attend to in order to ensure they are safe, reasonably comfortable and cared for.

Here are some ideas to include in your list.

Food Services

People have to eat, of course. You can say they'll bring their own lunch, but if they are staying at a remote location—a desert, for example—they are probably required to stay there for extended periods. To ensure they have food at all times, you can hire a company that provides food services to such work areas. The company will also bring fresh water, which is even more essential than food.

Cleaning Services

Especially if your employees are stay-in, you'll need someone to clean up and make sure the area does not invite bugs and diseases. Hire a cleaning company with experience in working in such areas. You can also ask the company for portable toilets for the site. The more employees you have, the more toilets you need.

Spare Parts for Vehicles & Equipment

If a machine breaks down and you don't have spares, the work stops until someone comes with the needed parts. Stock up on Tamrock parts, for example, so you can have your drill up and running immediately. Of course, Engineered Precision Machining points out, this goes without saying that you need at least one mechanic on site.

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Internet Access

The easiest way to manage your site without actually being there is through the Internet. Use the Cloud, for example, to work on plans with your engineers on site. You can also save on phone bills by using email and Skype or some other app for communication. Find a company offering satellite Internet connection for better service.

These are only some of the most important things you should attend to when you're planning a remote construction site. Your planning should be fully comprehensive and workable before the work starts.