Debunking Common Myths About Motorcycles

Myths About MotorcyclesAre you a motorcycle enthusiast? Do you consider your motorbike as one of your priceless possessions? If yes, you probably have spent a huge amount for its maintenance and repair. Should you need to purchase a lift, why not choose a high-quality product like Titan 1000d-xlt motorcycle lift? For your motorcycle accessories and automotive needs, there are various shops in town that you can visit.

As a biker, industry experts at JMC Equipment claim that it pays to learn some myths about motorcycle to guide you.

Here are some of them:

  • Race tires will make your bike faster.

Race tires and road tires are extremely different in composition, properties, and design. Use race tires only on track days; otherwise, stick to road tires on your regular biking days.

  • Laying down your bike is the best thing to do if you’re about to crash.

In anticipation of a collision, never lay down your bike. Instead, stay upright and use your brakes. Swerve around the object ahead of you if you can. Better still, drive defensively to stay away from injury.

  • It is not advisable to use full-faced helmets because they limit visibility.

This is not true since this type of helmet provides a 210-degree view which is the safety standard set by the Department of Transportation. This means that the helmet doesn’t affect the vision of the rider. Additionally, the visor of a full-faced helmet keeps the wind and other debris off the rider’s face. Hence, riding experience is distraction-free.

  • Motorcycles are so small that speed radars won’t detect them.

Motorcycles may not be as big as trucks and buses but they won’t certainly evade the radar. Police lasers are now more advanced, high-tech, and more accurate in detecting over speeding vehicles.

  • Urban roadways are safer than interstate roadways.

A study reveals that 91% of accidents that involve a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle happened on non-interstate roadways. Although bikers may go faster on highways, wider lanes, and no opposing traffic make the vehicles run smoothly; hence, motorcyclists evade the common dangers on the road.

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All drivers, regardless of their vehicles, should observe traffic rules when they are on the road. As a responsible motorcycle owner, you should drive defensively for everyone’s safety.