Biking Myths: Claims You Should Stop Believing

Biking Myths in BrisbaneDo you want to learn how to bike? That’s good news. Brisbane has numerous bicycle stores that you may visit. Apart from being a fun activity, cycling is good for your health. Apart from being an excellent physical exercise, and it can improve your emotional and mental state.

There are also numerous myths about cycling. Here are some of them.

Cycling is only for rich people.

Are you thinking of city cyclists who own very expensive bikes? If so, then stop thinking about them. While many think that cycling is an urban lifestyle, know that it fits all income levels. Not all bikes are pricey. There are bikes shops in Brisbane that offer affordable yet high-quality equipment.

Cycling requires special clothes.

Of course not, you don’t plan to do sports cycling, do you? Only sports cycling require all the gear. Apart from the helmet and reflective clothing (especially for evening cycling), you can certainly wear whatever you want when you just wish to go around the village or do some errands in the nearest grocery store.

Cycling consumes a lot of time.

Some people don’t want to travel using a bike; they think it’s too slow to cycle. Using a bike is sometimes a faster means of travelling because it enables you to use shortcuts that are unavailable to cars. There are bike paths for your safety and convenience as well.

Helmet use is the best way to keep cyclists safe.

Indeed, helmets keep you safe while biking. There is another safety gear that is equally important, the retroreflective high-visibility safety apparel.

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There are many other myths about cycling. Whether you want to do it as a mere hobby or as a way or transport, you need to educate yourself on the various claims about it.