3 Alternatives to Get Rid of Your Old Car If You Don’t Want to Sell

Brand New CarPeople who want to buy a brand new car tend to sell their old vehicle to get more money and afford a better car. However, finding a seller and agreeing on a final deal can take a long time and can be a big hassle. That’s why car owners are choosing other alternatives so they could easily get rid of their old car and buy the new one they like. Here are three alternatives you have if selling is also not for you.

Car Donation

There are many car donation charities you can support by giving your old car to them. As long as it’s still in pretty good condition, they will accept the donation. Even if it isn’t anymore, they can still accept your donation but they would likely just sell the spare parts to earn money for their operations instead of using the car. The good thing you can get from this is a tax deduction, which makes it a win-win situation for you and the charity of your choice.


If your car is still in great condition, whether it’s a few months old or nearly a decade old, you can consult a car dealership that offers car trade-ins. This means you would give them your old car plus additional cash to get your desired new car. This is a great option if you want a fast and easy transaction. You must still review the terms and conditions just to be sure.


For cars that are already in bad condition, you can still make some money out of it by visiting a car wrecker. A wrecker will see which car parts can still be salvaged and sold. Afterward, your car will be scrapped, the metals will be recycled, and your car will be disposed of with no charge. The amount you’ll get depends on the car parts left and the weight of the metal scrapped.

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Think your options over so you can make the most out of your old car before buying a new one.