Keep Your Semi Truck Stable: Avoid Accidents Like Tip Overs

Fleet ownersIn 2014, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reported a total of 3,649 fatal crashes, 93,000 injury crashes, and 379,000 property damage crashes involving large trucks and buses.

Sadly, fleet owners and operators may have prevented a lot of these accidents, as many of these unfortunate incidents involve the operation of malfunctioning vehicles. Driving unstable machines as big as these can cause not only crashes but fatal tip overs.

What keeps trucks stable?

Similar to smaller automobiles, trucks also rely on shocks and struts for stability and control. Stable trucks can turn, swerve, and stop exactly when drivers need them to.

The manufacturers of these components design them in such a way that they should respond quickly to all movements and actions of the wheels and the body, as well as react properly to bumps and during turns at corners.

Shocks and struts also help maintain correct truck height, as well as keeping its suspension geometry in the right position.

What happens when these parts wear?

There are many possible scenarios that can happen when shocks and struts begin to wear. Trucks can overreact when turning, and they can also bounce, dip, and sway too much, an expert from explains. All these effects lead to a considerable decrease in the vehicle’s braking ability and performance. Faulty shocks and struts also cause accelerated wear on the truck’s tire and suspension components.

Once these parts start to wear, drivers will find it harder to remain in control, and a slight misjudgment, especially when turning corners, can cause the truck to tip over.

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Regular servicing helps keep trucks stable

Unstable trucks pose serious dangers not only to drivers but to other people as well. So as you soon notice symptoms such as nose dives when you brake hard, truck squats during acceleration, as well as increased body rolls or bounces, have it serviced as soon as possible.

Regularly going to truck maintenance company will not only minimize risks of dangers; it will also help keep the vehicle performing for as long as possible.