Advertising Options for Event Sponsorships

Sponsoring an EventSponsorships are one way to promote and strengthen a brand. Your logo may be displayed on items that afford it exposure to more people. Not only do you earn the goodwill of the organisation or event that you are sponsoring, but you also make a statement for your presence in a community.

There are several ways to display your logo or an image of a product you are pushing during sponsorships. Here are some examples.


A gobo is a dark plate used in front of a light source, as in a spotlight, to shield the lens. It may also be used to project a shape. This is how it’s usually used for marketing. Use a gobo of your logo to project it against a wall or the floor, such as during breaks in a sporting event or during a party. Find a company that customises gobos and provides gobo projectors in LED to have your own gobo created.

Flying Banners

Flying or teardrop banners are those leaf-like banners usually made of cloth and displayed using a stand with a weight to keep the stand planted on the ground. The banners move with the wind, hence the name. These are perfect if you’re sponsoring an event by the beach, such as a beach volleyball tournament or a spring break party. Flying banners are also great as barriers for coffee shops and similar establishments. Racing events usually use them too.

Banner Ads Online

Banner ads may not be as popular as they once were due to the growing competition among ad types online, but they still have some pull. There are more avenues for displaying them now that smartphones can connect to the web. Even music streaming apps like Spotify use them. So why not use them to promote your brand to more people? An event announcement online is a great place to display a banner ad.

There are a thousand other ways to promote your brand by sponsoring events, including online. There is no limit to how creative you can get.