How It Actually Feels To Be At Home (Wherever That May Be)

Home Privacy in MalagaMost people say home is where you collapse at the end of a gruelling today. A place to stay safe when the weather isn’t good. To others, home involves emotional attachment to someone or something. A retreat for when the world is rough, or when they simply need some comfort. So what actually is home?

Home is where you start

Technically speaking, home is your shelter. It’s where you bathe, eat and sleep. It’s what gives you privacy, which is a personal right. Home can be the house you grew up in. Or it can be where you currently reside. Whichever it is, home is where windows guard you against prying eyes.

A warm bed, the smell of something baking in the oven, a place you can walk freely in your underwear. These can easily describe the place you call home, although there are so many things to say about the subjective topic. The privacy and security of the house allow you to completely be yourself — without restraints and without looking over your shoulders.

Home is where the heart is

Billy Joel sings, ‘I’ll never be a stranger, and I’ll never be alone. Wherever we’re together, that’s my home.’ Singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson croons, ‘You will never feel like you’re alone. I’ll make this feel like home.’ They both suggest that, yes, home can be a person. Or maybe a pet. Why not?

Home can literally just be your house, but it can also be defined as a person of acceptance and comfort. Home can be a person you can freely show your true self without fearing judgment. It’s a person you can open your heart to, and whose heart is open to yours. It’s quite a satisfaction to have that kind of person in your life, isn’t it?

But it can also be a pet who enthusiastically cuddles you and patiently allows you to tackle them with affection. Nothing is purer than the love of a pet.

Home is quite subjective. That pretty much is safe to assume. It can be a house, a hiding place, a person, pet or family. But one thing remains constant. Home is safety and comfort. It’s where you belong, regardless if it’s a structure or a person.