Automobile Furniture for the Car Enthusiast in You

Car Parts as Automobile FurnitureDo cars have a special place in your heart? Now, you can be with your beloved vehicle even inside your home. One popular trend nowadays is recycling things, and furniture designers are turning car parts into interesting pieces for a great interior design.

If you have car parts lying around your house, you can have them customised into furniture pieces. O2 Racing Design says turning them into usable pieces at home is a practical way to recycle used car parts. Sentimental people tend to keep things until they gather dust, so why not make something out of things you no longer use. Consider this as a tribute to your favourite vintage car –revamped, unique, and totally your own.

You might be wondering what pieces of furniture your car parts can turn into. From couches to beds, there is a suitable part of your automobile for that.

Coffee Tables

Have you seen the crushed Ferrari encased in a coffee table? If you are not into crushing your vintage automobiles, why not have their parts customised into coffee tables. A popular trend in automobile furniture is engine coffee tables. Turn your V8 engines into the base of the table and add a sheet of glass on top to make a statement with this elegant piece of furniture.

V8 engines can also function as wine holders. You can turn them into wine tops by attaching a glass pane onto them. Stock your bottles into the slots of the engine and you are good to go.

Couches and Chairs

turn those car seats into couches, loveseats, and chairs –some staple pieces at home. There is nothing a little padding and upholstering cannot do for worn out seats.

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Lighting Fixtures

Who knew you could turn them into lighting fixtures as well? Have your carburettor or vintage motorbike turned into lamps for your living room. This modern customisation of something vintage adds a unique style into your home.

Buying vintage automobiles is one thing, but furniture made out of car parts? It should feed the car enthusiast in you. Instead of putting cars on display, turn them into something useful that could be both aesthetically pleasing and practical.