4 Ideas to Maximise the Life of Your Tyres and Stay Safe on The Road

Tyre Care in Osborne ParkDriving to work and realising that you have a flat tyre is every driver’s nightmare. However, most motorists never take the time to check their tyres. Considering that they are a vital part of your vehicles, tyres should be maintained properly to ensure that they last longer and are able to give you optimal performance. Here are some ways you can maximise the life of your tyres and still stay safe while on the road.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres only give you problems when steering, braking or even accelerating. Under-inflation also causes uneven tread wear on the outer edges and increases stress on the tyre, which can lead to tread separation. Furthermore, it is estimated that 5 million gallons of fuel are wasted each day due to low tire pressure.

Have your tyre pressure checked at least once a month when they are cold. Your vehicle’s information placard lists the right pressure for your rear and front tyres. Some cars gave a pressure monitoring system that alerts you when the tyre pressure falls below a certain limit.

Rotate the Tyres

Tyres wear out differently depending on your driving style, the position of the vehicle and condition of the suspension. Rotating your tyres helps to distribute the wear evenly, experts in Perth note. This gives you maximum traction on all the wheels.

Balance the Wheels

When a tyre spins lightly on the wheel due to rapid acceleration or braking, the wheels become unbalanced. Belt separation could also lead to tyre vibration. Regular tread wear also results in uneven distribution of weight in the wheels. Have a professional tyre expert inspect your wheels to ensure that they are balanced. Unbalanced tyres cause suspension wear.

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Get Professional Wheel Alignment

When you are out of alignment, you’ll notice that the car gets pulled to the centre line and you may struggle to keep the steering wheel centred. Over time, you’ll notice uneven tyre wear. Have a professional align your vehicle when the need arises or once a year.

Remember that your driving habits have a huge impact on your tyres' lifespan. Try to avoid abrupt stops, fast turns quick starts, potholes, and heavy loads. Talk to reputable dealers to get the best tyres for your car.