Why Military Boot Camp Shouldn’t Sound So Dreadful

Military Boot CampCombat boots and Swiss Army knives usually come to mind when boot camp is mentioned. And well, they’re cool. You could rock any outfit with combat boots. Tools like Swiss knives and a Leatherman, though technically not allowed in boot camp, let you “feel safe encountering almost anything… whether you’re camping, working on the job site, or out on a boat,” as John Raulerson wrote for Consolidated Rigging & Lifting Products, Inc.

Military boot camp is also the definition of rigorous training and sweating under the sun. Naturally, you would get discouraged by the thought of it. But in reality, military boot camp isn’t something to dread. It isn’t something to fear either. It teaches you a number of things you’ll take with you throughout life: respect, discipline, and unity.

Respect and Service

The first thing officers and counselors teach you is to respect your seniors and to listen to their commands. But they also teach you that the best way to lead, may it be a small platoon or the entire armed forces, is to be a good servant as well. Don’t mistake it for being a slave, though. Being a leader who looks after the team well and sets a good example easily earns respect.

Discipline and Initiative

Among the things to keep in mind in boot camp is to always put your game face on. Every move you make in camp is calculated. Your sleeping and eating patterns are calculated. It’s good for your mental well-being because you learn to stay alert and aware. Putting your game face on also encourages you to show initiative by volunteering confidently when an officer or a counselor needs someone to do so.

Unity and Loyalty

One thing you won’t immediately realize in boot camp is the unity, which forms loyalty. Day and night, you’re taught to stay with your company and to have each other’s backs. There may be consequences when a group doesn’t finish a task well or together, so you can’t be selfish and flaunt or slack off. Through training exercises conducted to exercise company unity, you learn to look out for each other.

There are a lot of things military boot camp has to offer. And they’re not all negative. You just have to be an observant critical thinker.