The best Tricks to Keep Your Car Sleek and Shiny Longer

Car Care in AucklandNo one wants to own or even drive a car full of body paint damage. However, age, combined with environmental and external elements, can cause a lot of damage. Cracking, peeling, and bubbling are just a few of these issues you will deal with – sooner if you neglect your car.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can ensure your ride’s body paint stay as smooth, shiny, and good looking for as long as possible. Breen Panelbeaters cites some of them below.

Get wet ash off of your car ASAP.

When ash combines with water, it forms a compound called alkali, which can damage your ride’s finish. In most cases, this ash comes from all the wildfires occurring all over the country.

The solution is to always keep your car in the garage when not in use, make it a habit to cover it, dust it, and wash it thoroughly if the problem is not ash but soot. When dealing with black soot, you need to use a powerful, yet gentle carwash solution. Complete the process by drying out your car completely with lint-free fabric.

To better protect your vehicle from the damage ash can do, bring it right away to a Manukau panel and paint service shop. This way, you can have your ride professionally washed and waxed, without worrying about scratching your car.

Clean spilled gasoline right away.

When you top off your car, sometimes, accidental drips and spills may occur. When it does, make sure you clean it up with a quality detailer and microfiber cloth. Gas can leave serious stains on your car’s body paint, so as tempting as it may sound to just leave the “tiny” spill there, do not.

Wash away acid bug guts immediately.

Bug guts contain acids that can etch away at your vehicle’s body paint. Although cleaning it yourself will help, it is better to have the pros do it. They have the right solutions and tools to ensure no traces of these acids remain on your car.

Your car is expensive, and its price alone should already make you realise just how important it is for you to get it cleaned and serviced not only by yourself, but by pros regularly too.