Things to Keep in Mind When Adding a Second Storey to Your Home

2 Storey HouseIf you have a family or just planning to start one, your single storey home may soon be not enough to make everyday living comfortable. Instead of moving to a new home with a bigger lot, most homeowners tend to just get a second storey home addition. This way, you can simply maximise what you already have without the extra cost of buying a new or additional lot.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind once you start planning the construction project:

Complementary Design Elements

How you design your home’s second storey should still be in line with how the first storey looks like. They should have symmetry and should match each other’s design and functional elements. You are still in one house, so it’s only natural to work with what you already have. A great design is something that looks like it was always intended to be there, not just a random addition.

Stairs Addition

Stairs can either make your two-storey home so gorgeous and appealing or can make it look weird and restricted. That’s why you need to think twice before deciding where to put it. Keep in mind the traffic flow and the position of the staircase. You can work with an architect to design your stairs, but you can also go for prefabricated stairs. Both can be visually appealing if you choose the right style.

Structural Requirements

Because the second storey will more likely contain occupied rooms, your engineer would have to recalculate the foundation needed to support it. Your previous roof system and walls may also need some adjustments to hold the weight up. Additional steel connections and plywood are also necessary to be safe. There are structural code requirements that may guide you throughout the process.

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With smart planning and extensive research, you can make your second storey home addition as perfect as it can be. This way, you can have more living spaces for your growing family.