Choosing the Right 4WD for Cost-Effectiveness

4WDIf you are thinking of buying a new or used 4WD, you have to think about more than the selling price. A 4WD is for heavy use over rough terrain, so expect to spend quite a bit on repairs and maintenance. You might want to look up good 4WD wreckers in Perth for used parts. Used parts are perfectly fine and cost a lot less than new ones. Here are other things you should consider, to choose the right 4WD.


Performance is an important aspect for a 4WD. You have to rely on reviews by experts to choose the best 4WD, unless you are one yourself, of course. Based on Motoring’s article, the best performing off-road 4WDs are the Toyota Landcruiser (82%), Land Rover Defender (81%) and Nissan Patrol (78%). The percentages say how much each 4WD is worth after three years of using it. That is, of course, if you maintain it regularly.

Running costs

Aside from the drop in value over time, a 4WD also has running costs. This includes fuel use, stamp duty, insurance, registration and spare parts. Cost ranges for popular 4WD vehicles are from $216 to $242 a week.

Availability of parts

Running costs use new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, and mentions these are more expensive than used ones you can find in 4WD wreckers in Perth. Aside from the price, new OEM parts are not always available. That means you will have to wait for spare parts. In the meantime, you will not be able to use your 4WD.

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A 4WD vehicle is a good investment if you need a hardy means of transportation. However, you should do your homework to keep costs low.