Safe Bikers, Not Daredevils: Your First Manly Motorbike Ride

Motorcycle in TaurangaSo, you want to buy your first motorbike. The question is: do you know how to ride it?

If you are like most men, you might say, “How hard can learning be? I’ve ridden a bike since I was six!” But a motorcycle will throw you off if you have the least bit of knowledge in riding it properly. Most motorbikes go faster than you think.

With cars, you have the assurance of a protective covering. Unfortunately, motorbikes involve riding out there in the wind. Without protection and enough training, it is highly likely you will spend the next hour in an emergency room.

Fortunately, there are ways you can minimise your risk and stay manly on the bike.

The Right Training Matters

There are numerous motorbike training programs in Tauranga. A number of them are official programs recognised by the state. These programs will teach you the basics of riding, as well as techniques of using the clutch, throttle, brake control and others.

The learning does not stop there. If you wish to become even better, you can also take experienced and advanced courses.

Always Wear the Right Gear

Popular media often portray muscular bike riders wearing bandanas over their heads. On the screen, this is the ideal image of a motorcycle man, but in reality, wearing just a bandana (and failing to wear other protective gear) will put your life at risk on the road.

It pays to protect yourself while you ride. Invest in some good gear, which includes a helmet, pants, jacket and gloves. Ensure that the gear you wear is of high quality for a safer ride.

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Save Your Girlfriend’s Ride for Later

Your ability to ride a motorbike surely calls for the appreciation of your significant other. But if you really love her, do not let her ride unless you are comfortable riding by yourself. When you add another passenger, it drastically changes the characteristics of your bike.

Practice your lower speeds first and perfect your bike handles. Do not give in to the temptation to show passengers the speed of your bike. When you scare them, it makes you less manly.

Riding a motorbike is more than being muscular and a daredevil—it is all about knowing what you are doing and being responsible for you and your passenger’s safety. So get out there and ride like a real man.