Need for Speed: So You Want to Buy a Race Car

Owning Race Car Driving a race car is far from the experience of driving a regular car. Just about everything between the two is different, so don’t think that just because you’re a good street driver you can do better than everyone else on a race track.

There are cars, however, that are technically built for speed and racing but are allowed for driving on ordinary roads. If you’ve been dreaming of owning one such car, take comfort in the thought that you can. That doesn’t mean, however, that it will feel the same as an ordinary consumer car. You can drive it as an ordinary car, mind you, but what’s the fun of owning a fast car if you can’t master it?

The suspension is probably different

A race car has a different suspension; it’s usually stiffer. Consider that before getting a car of racing pedigree. If you’re the type who’s all about comfort, buy a regular sedan, not a race car. These cars are built with comfort being a distant runner-up to power and safety.

The responsiveness is amazing

You had to nearly floor the gas of your old car to get it to run side by side other vehicles on green. A real race car might have six cylinders at your disposal, so it takes little more than a tap on the gas pedal to send you to 60 in a few seconds. Practice will make you get used to such power, but always drive with caution.

Be sure to know where to get the spare parts

Spare parts for a Skyline may not be available at every shop, so before you purchase the car, find out where to buy the parts. Of course, if you’re willing to buy a high performance car, you should also be prepared to spend a bit more when you need to replace a part.

A race car is a nice thing to have, but it is different from a regular road car. It takes a measure of discipline to own one, and a steady dedication to practice driving and master it.