Fire Safety Information that can Save Lives

Fire AlarmDid you know that you only have at most two minutes to live or die when trapped in a burning building? Your actions determine how many lives you can save before it's too late.

Kill the element of surprise

Always have the fire at a disadvantage. Installing a working smoke detector will alert you about the fire. Get additional fire sprinklers and connect them to working fire tanks. says this could help douse different rooms and hinder the fire from spreading. According to Red Cross, most of the fire-related fatalities happen in homes without working fire alert and management systems.

Always trigger an alarm

When the fire sensors don’t trigger the alarms, alert building occupants by manually activating the power alarm on your way out. Know the different fire alarm points in any building you enter. This will ensure that you trigger the alarm, if there's a need. It also helps to know how to contact organisations such as

Avoid smoke at all costs

In most cases, bushfire victims die from suffocation rather than the burns. Avoid smoky rooms as much as you can. If you cannot avoid them, drop down to the floor and crawl to an exit. Smoke rises to the ceiling, so there will be some breathable air near the floor. Don’t forget to breathe through your nose and hold a shirt or towel over it to help purify the air better.

If you can’t find a way out…

If you are locked in by the fire, head over to a room with good doors. Sometimes, staking out in a bathroom or washroom is a great idea, since you will have some water at your disposal. The most important thing is to ensure you put as many doors between you and the fire. Choose a room that's close to the outer walls of the house for faster rescue.

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Make your minutes count. Know how to deal with fire and, more importantly, be prepared for it.