Corrugated Water Tanks: What They Are and Why You Should Use Them

Water TanksCorrugated water tanks have been in use for a while now. They were introduced after the previous design, as wooden ones were deemed to be more harmful than beneficial. Most of people have heard about these types of water tanks, but don’t understand what’s so special about them, who uses them and what benefits they offer. This article aims to help you understand all of these.


Corrugated tanks can be used at private homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. These tanks come in different sizes; large tanks may require on-site assembly. These types of tanks have dominated the water storage and rain harvesting market because of their uses. Some people mostly associate these tanks with rainwater harvesting, which is common in big farms and facilities that require a small water reservoir.

People prefer to use these types of tanks because of their durability and safety in terms of drinking water. These tanks are less likely to contribute to bacteria and algae build-up, as compared with tanks made of cement, wood or plastic.

These tanks also provide good aesthetic value. For those who’d like to maintain the aesthetics of their homes or facilities, these types of tanks are the best fit. Some companies offer customised tanks to match the design to your facility.


As Rhino Water Tanks explains, corrugated water tanks last for a long time because of the inner poly lining that protects it from interior corrosion. In addition, it also helps the particles inside not to harm the water. Furthermore, the lining in the tanks prevents zinc from leaching into the water. This helps avoid the metal taste that you can find in drinking water stored in metal tanks.

Businesses have to follow certain environmental standards on recycling water. Some of these involves implementing a safe and design proven storage system. The corrugated water tanks are manufactured to meet these standards; they are water-tight and cost-effective.

If you are not using a corrugated water tank, consider using one soon. Most of them are designed to meet fire protection standards, whilst some have weatherproof designs. These qualities make this tank a practical option when it comes to water storage.