Car Issues: Where You Might Get That Dent

Car DentIt doesn’t take a road accident to get dents on your car. All cars may seem like strong and sleek tons of metal, but they are never free from damages. Simple scratches or dents can affect the overall look of your vehicle. While you may be careful on the road, Nova Smash Repairs says you may have problems in places where you least expect accidents to happen. Here are some sources of denting.


Rocks are not a threat when they are stationary. They become one when they are moving at high speeds. You’re never sure of what’s on the road. You might pass by a rock or a pebble lying on the road itself.

They could ride your tyres, which can send them flying in the air, damaging anything they meet. You have to be careful in moving at high speeds near railroads or any path that has lots of gravel. It’s better to be safe than spend money on repairs every time.

Parking Lots

When your car is not moving, it’s safe from harm, right? That’s not actually the case. Parking lots open your vehicle up to greater chances of getting dents. You may have parked correctly, but the cars beside you may still end up damaging your vehicle.

It may not even be a parking accident, but simply a case of opening doors. If you’re lucky, the other car’s owner may stay around to inform you of what happened. Most of the time, however, suspects leave the scene to avoid having to pay for damages.

Don’t let dents ruin the look of your car. Work on dents, no matter the size, so your car can still look like new.