Better It Than Us: On Stress Tests and Safety

Industrial SectorThere is no greater fear in the industrial sector than malfunctioning equipment. It can delay work or cause injury, two things that can spell a business’ end in today’s highly competitive market. Having an unresponsive control panel is one thing; having tons of cargo snap from a substandard cable is another. This is why people need to learn that heavy-duty equipment does not equate to lesser need for maintenance. On the contrary, testing for durability needs to become more intense than ever.

Standard Procedure

Humans undergo tests as a preparation for the actual operations in the field. We launch astronauts into space not based on their history of motion sickness. They undergo rigorous training and simulations on the ground to prevent space-sick mission participants from gracing the International Space Station. The same principle applies to equipment, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Lifting equipment giving out in the middle of a work shift can cause serious problems. A guitar string snapping can hurt people. Imagine something twice the size of a grown man’s forearm whipping like a slingshot, with cargo the weight of a small guitar shop at the end of it. Now, there is a way to prevent this musical mishap from happening: making it sort of happen.

Testing, Testing

In order to test the strength of a cord, people pull on it. The logic is simple but the method is not. Proof load tests work by applying a precise amount of stress onto the equipment, so workers can’t just “Man vs Machine: Tug-of-War” their way into clearance. Professional pull testers like Savannah’s can administer the only tests in existence where failure actually saves lives.

To illustrate the process, for cable that supposedly bears 100 pounds- the test must subject it to 1.1 or 1.5 times that weight. If the cable deforms, frays, or snaps from a 110 or 150-pound load, then it is unfit for use. At that ratio of weight, the cable shouldn’t even look like it’s about to give out—as an indication of build quality.

Stress tests are a standard in all manners of industries. In a business where equipment reliability is everything, one cannot afford having them fail at crucial moments. For instance, whenever a cargo capable of producing a crater when dropped is involved.