4 Facts about Fork Lifts You Probably Didn’t Know

ForkliftFact: forklifts can do the job of 20 men.

The forklift is an extremely important piece of loader equipment in warehouses, factories and shipping companies. These small trucks can lift massive loads and easily move them from one point to another. And because of their capabilities, they save businesses tons of money on manpower, says KoalaForkLifts.com.au.

Let’s take a look at some facts about these battery-powered trucks that you’re probably about to hear the first time:

Forklifts are more than a hundred years old

Forklifts have been around for over a century. The first battery powered platform trucks originated on the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1906, but the modern forklift didn’t come out until about 1916.

The battery life of a forklift was designed to last as long as one work shift

In most cases, forklifts take eight hours to fully recharge, roughly the same amount of time they will last. This is to ensure that they can work for the entire regular shift and recharge overnight or during the next shift.

Forklifts didn’t always lift pallets

The first forklifts used to move luggage and lift loads. It wasn’t until 1930 and the World War II, during the development of standardised wooden pallets, that the production of forklifts started to boom.

Forklifts have extra weight on the rear

In warehouses and factories, tipping forklifts are a fairly common incident. If you remember in your high school physics, the centre of gravity is where the object’s weight is concentrated. If another weight is placed on the front, the centre of gravity shifts.

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This is why forklifts are built with extra weight on the rear: to keep it from tipping forward. The balance keeps the centre of the gravity around the middle of the truck, even when lifting heavy loads.

I think we can all agree: forklifts have made our lives simpler. It’s time more and more people are enlightened of their behaviour and uses.