Three Most Commonly Used Heavy Equipment in the Construction Industry

Construction IndustryThe construction industry is heavily dependent on machineries. These vehicles and equipment make jobs a lot easier, faster, and more efficient. Here are three of the most essential heavy equipment and machines in the field of construction.


Excavators are a type of earth moving equipment that is considered as one of the industry’s standards. They have a long bucket arm connected to a pivoting cab. Units can be available in wheels or tracks and are used in handling materials, digging trenches, demolition, and other related applications. Tracked excavators are ideal for sites with wet and soft grounds. Tired units are often used in road work sites, where surfaces have to be protected from damage.

This type of equipment is also available for rent. According to McFadyen Group, excavator hire price often depends on the size of the unit.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders are almost the same as tractors except for a couple of features – a small bucket arm at the back and an adjustable shovel in front. This versatile equipment is tire mounted and can be used for small-scale operations in urban areas and residential building sites.

Considered medium-sized equipment, its uses include moving dirt, backfilling, and digging trenches. It is particularly useful in foundation excavation.


Bulldozers are known for their strength and heavy use. This powerful heavy equipment is highly useful in projects that require moving of dirt, rough or fine grading, and site clearing. Its prominent feature is the wide, heavy, flat blade that is mounted in the front part of the machine.

Bulldozers also come in different sizes. Big ones can be used in crushing larger boulders. This equipment is commonly operated for various excavation requirements. It is especially helpful when used in combination with other types of machinery.

These machines play an important part in construction projects. The best thing about these versatile equipment units is they are available for rent. This provides people in the industry with a more practical option for small, one-time projects, without compromising quality of work.