Inspecting Second Hand Forklifts for Sale

forkliftForklifts serve as the workhorses in today’s industries. Manufacturers offer various models with added features, but you can never go wrong with a standard unit. Purchasing a forklift requires a huge investment. It is advisable to purchase second hand units if you do not have the money to spare. Second hand units are just as reliable if you get them from a trusted provider and you inspect them well.

Check the body

A quick scan of the whole body should reveal the problem areas in the forklift. This includes the frame, canopy, and windows if the cab is enclosed. The wear and tear of the body should warn you of internal issues.

Inspect the forks and heels

The fork is the most important part of the whole unit since this is the arm that lifts heavy items and equipment. You should check the forks for scratches and curvatures. If you find that the forks have been bent out of shape, have these straightened for smoother use. The heels are the lower parts of the forks. These are found under the thick metal strip. These heels help in keeping the balance of the unit and must not be too worn out. You should also check the lift chains. If there are any missing links, you can either have these replaced or repaired since they are detachable. Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers recommends getting help from experts that offer quality parts and services for affordable prices.

Ask an expert to inspect the engine

The inspection should include the engine itself, the engine compartment, the exhaust guard and the counterweights. These should be thoroughly inspected by someone who has experience. These are the most essential parts of the forklift. Small damages in these areas can mean disastrous results.

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Outmodedness of the engine or parts shouldn’t be a problem since forklift spare parts in Sydney are accessible. What is essential is that the parts still installed are in good condition and not too worn out. You should also check the brands for compatibility of forklift spare parts. This will help you easily maintain your unit.

Forklifts are useful and very durable. Check the cab’s body, the forks, heels and the engine to see if you have a serviceable unit before purchasing. Used units can work like brand new with the proper repairs and maintenance.