Hoshizaki Ice Machines: Know What Makes Them Reliable

Ice Machines in Australia The Hoshizaki brand is one of the best for ice makers around the world. The manufacturer managed to catapult the brand to the top of the list for commercial ice makers. The product engineering, quality control and the best components make Hoshizaki the brand to own.


The Australian company achieved all the required certifications for safety, quality and environment-friendliness. The ice makers and storage bins offered to customers are HACCP certified.


Hoshizaki machines make the best ice consistently and reliably. Customers can expect to get hard and clean ice. It retains its shape and boasts of the slowest melt rate compared to ice made by other machines.


There are quite a few machines to choose from – models to make cube ice, flake ice, crescent ice cubes, scale ice, and even dispensers suited for small bars or cafes. There are even industrial size models for major projects.

How Hoshizaki equipment was developed

Each ice machine meets rigorous specs set out by a Japanese R&D team. This team had over 150 engineers on the job who ensured the readiness of the designs and components for a global market. These machines function efficiently in a temperature range of 40°C to 10°C, even in the most humid environment.

The ice makers have water filters to ensure that you only use the highest quality water to make cubes. The filters work in tandem with the equipment so that the machines work at top capacity, extending equipment life.

The water filters with fibron carbon blocks eliminate particles, odours and even sediment for the best ice cubes. That’s reason enough to buy a Hoshizaki automatic ice machine, but you have plenty of other reasons, as well.