Cars: Men’s Ultimate Love

White CarFor many men, owning a car is one of life’s greatest privileges. They love everything about these mechanical beasts—from their streamlined body to the engine’s raw rumble that tells so much about its power.

It’s a fact of life; men are crazy about cars. Women are also fond of them, but unlike men, they will choose not to make the car the center of their universe. They buy expensive parts, such as Brembo brakes. Some even treat their cars as their girlfriends. But what’s the rationale behind this?


Men love cars because they give them a sense of freedom. Together with this feeling, men feel a great deal of satisfaction with their control over the machine and its maneuvers. They feel completely at ease when they sit behind the wheel.  With these factors, men tend to form a very personal relationship with their car.

An Extension

Women usually perceive cars as a separate entity. The case is different with men. A study cited by The Telegraph says that male drivers consider their motors to be a part of themselves. Iain MacRury of the University of East London says that men talk about their cars as though they are talking about themselves. The article further explains that men indulge in the type of shows of affection towards cars that some people usually associate with pets or loved ones.

Love for Technicalities

Men’s brains are wired to be drawn to puzzles and similar challenges. And they get their fix from their cars. This is why they love going under the hood, spotting problems, and installing upgrades. On average, men have better spatial reasoning skills. This explains why men are better navigators and more drawn to travelling.

It is interesting to know that men’s love affair with cars has practical and reasonable bases. The dynamics between man and machine is surely something worth appreciating.