A Tourist’s Guide to Additional Car Rental Fees

CarMost car rental companies offer upgrades at low additional fees to any basic package. This includes the rental car that you’ve already reserved even before you boarded the plane. With the many offerings provided to you, you may not likely be aware of what they are or how it would really benefit you during your stay. To be sure, this article lists down the things you can add to your vehicle rental package.


In most cases, insurance is already included into the package deal in car rental companies. But, always double check what their insurance coverage is and how much it raises the original rental price. It’s best that you do the math and see if that 30-40% additional insurance fee would be worth adding in.


Extras such as a GPS navigator, baby and child car seats, road maps or street directories can all add up a substantial amount to your rental cost if you are not aware. Adding $5 or more for that car seat may seem affordable, but grouped with individual fees per extra accessory and you may end up with more than $50 added to your rental fee. Remember that there are certain driving regulations that require some of these peripherals but make sure you only get what you really need.

Additional Kilometres

Most airport car rentals companies in Perth offer their services on a per kilometre basis, meaning you will pay according to the number of kilometres that your vehicle has travelled. Being aware of how many additional kilometres can cost you will reduce the shock of knowing that you will be paying quite a lot when you return your vehicle. It also will not surprise your budget.

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Once you have familiarized yourself with airport car rentals, there really is no cause for alarm. As long as you know what you want added on to the regular package, then you can make the last call on your choice without fear. Choose your rental company wisely and may you have a safe trip.