A Matter of Security: Forklift Checks Can Save Lives

ForkliftForklifts are essential to the operations of many industries. Users subject these machines to rigorous use and extreme stress daily. For this reason, forklifts need regular inspections. This assures operators and business owners that the machines retain their quality.

Inspections for everyone’s safety

Inspecting forklifts help ensure the protection and safety of operators, as equipment malfunction can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. Before using industrial lifts, they should undergo pre-use inspections. These assessments include visual and operational checks.

Visual pre-inspection of forklifts

Conducting visual checks means inspecting all the components of the machine. As the technicians of Koala Trucks Forklift Wholesalers recommend, check these parts to ensure they are present and functioning properly. Some of the most important areas you should assess are the overall condition and integrity of the equipment, its fluids (including fuel, oil, and radiator), connections, cables, wires, wheels, and tyres.

Operational check of forklifts

When performing an operational check on the forklift, turn the machine on to test its different functions. You have to do this to make sure the equipment is mechanically sound, functioning properly, and safe to use. In this kind of pre-inspection, make sure you check the engine for any noise and possible leaks, and the seatbelt for any tear and damage. Do not forget to test the brakes, lights, and horns, as well.

Keeping records of pre-use inspections

To ensure maximum results from forklift pre-use inspections, keep detailed records of the process. It is best you maintain a weekly checklist. Aside from the person tasked to conduct the assessment, there should be several other people in attendance to serve as witnesses.

Although pre-use inspections of these heavy machines ensure their safety of use, regular checks provide several other benefits. Through careful assessment, you can buy the time to contact a qualified forklift technician to repair problems promptly. In turn, this can save your business from downtime and costly repairs.