Understanding Tyres and Cars: You Don’t Need to be a Rocket Scientist

Car TyresMaintaining a vehicle can be a daunting task. Unless you have basic knowledge or are passionate about vehicles, most likely you will be intimidated about what to do. You’re in luck if you’re one of those people who can drive but don’t know much about cars. But it doesn’t take an expert to do basic maintenance.

Battered and Worn

The tyres are the most used parts of a vehicle. They go through more wear and tear than any other part. For this reason, maintenance is necessary to ensure a long tyre life. Nothing lasts forever, however. They still need replacing.

Tyre Signs of Old Age

To know if your tyres need replacing, check for the following signs:

  • Worn treads past recommended depth levels
  • A frayed sidewall
  • 6mm or bigger tread holes
  • Dented bead

Take note of the ‘feel’ of your drive. Any unusual feeling may be a sign that they need replacement.

Trust the Car Manufacturer

Knowing when to replace them is one thing; buying the right tyres in Perth is another. Manufacturers already know what’s best for your car. Simply look in your vehicle manual to check the correct details for the tyres you need like size, speed and load rating.

A Range of Options

Once you have those details, shop for a particular brand. More popular brands are expensive. Your tyre dealer can guide you, but ultimately, you must decide on the brand and the price you’re willing to pay. Ask about the tried and tested brands first and determine if they’re worth it.

You can maintain your vehicle, or particularly your car tyres, even though you may not know much about automobiles. You just need to care about the well-being of a dependable machine.