The Safety Essentials of Moving Heavy Equipment

Moving Heavy EquipmentUnless you’re Superman, moving heavy equipment can be challenging. If you are not careful, it’s also dangerous.

There are things you can move around by yourself but if done improperly, this could result in injury or damage to the equipment. Some equipment may seem light, but underestimating weight can lead to serious consequences.

So how can you move heavy items safely?

Be Smart About It

However brawny you are, there are things you can’t move by yourself. This includes transferring objects from one place to another and the destination is an area with stairs or small entryways. Check if the equipment can be disassembled from a platform so its weight is reduced drastically.

There are basic tools like hydraulic jacks, crowbars, dollies and canvas straps. If you deal with equipment weighing hundreds of pounds, they come in handy. But if the machines are really heavy and can’t be dismantled, consider renting equipment to facilitate the move with as little effort as possible. This also ensures safety with the help of the right tools

Secure the Load

Moving often requires transport. Even when you’ve hired the services of professional East Coast flatbed trucking companies, remember a basic rule when transporting heavy equipment:  Secure the load with proper restraints. Accidents happen because something slipped or fell off.

Use Pallets

If equipment should be moved within the same area but to a different section, pallets can be useful. You’ll need a pallet jack for this. With smooth surfaces, pushing them around is not as difficult although it can take time, depending on how heavy the equipment is.

Hand trucks also come in handy if the equipment is not extremely heavy and does not need to be moved too far. For people who haul heavy equipment regularly, it would be good to invest in these, even the second-hand kind.

There are a host of tools that make it easier and safer to move heavy equipment around. Being familiar with them is helpful when you’ve got to do some hauling yourself.