Scrap Steel Hunt: Items that You Can Recycle

Scrap Steel in Australia Statistics show that Australia’s recycling percentage show 30.3% of steel cans and 67.4% of aluminium cans. Much more scrap metal went to the landfill instead of recycling facilities. Did you know that the amount of steel in landfills could make around 40,000 refrigerators? With the amount of steel heading to landfills, people are wasting their resources.

The Value of Steel

Steel is a 100% recyclable material. It can enter the process of recycling several times, but the product will remain in good quality. Apart from this, recycling metal saves energy and valuable natural resources. It’s time for people to participate and do their parts in taking care of the environment through recycling.

Items of Steel

Many recycling facilities in Perth accept steel items; you just need to go their facilities and show them the items you have. If they find anything salvageable, they can buy those items from you—talk about instant cash.

The scrap metal contractors of Martin Scrap Metals provide a list of possible metal items you can sell:

  • Four Wheel Drive – A vehicle is mostly steel. You can sell your old car to have the steel stripped from the body and the parts. Some recycling and scrap metal facilities also accept old, broken motorcycles.
  • Cables – You can also trade electrical or copper wires with other electronics, such as radios, television sets or laptops. All these have at least some steel in them—if not steel, copper or aluminium parts that are both recyclable metals.
  • Old Appliances – Refrigerators, pots and pans, dining utensils, microwave ovens, stoves and other appliances can also be sources of steel. If you have old appliances that do not work anymore, gather them and sell them to steel contractors or recycling facilities.

When you look at the bigger picture, simple recycling practices can go a long way. Start recycling and sell those old steel items for a better tomorrow.