Generators: Your Solution to Power Emergencies

electricityIt’s rare to see someone who can live without electricity these days. It’s a basic need, after all. When emergencies like natural calamities take place, the loss of electrical power becomes a major problem. As a result, many households are considering buying a generator to power their home temporarily.

Stand-by vs. Portable

The main advantage of stand-by generators is that they start the moment the electricity goes out. Most portable models run manually, so it’s useless if you’re not home. Many households, however, still prefer portable models because they cost less. Direct Trades Supply noted that if you don’t need much power, then a portable model is enough.

The Right Size to Buy

Buying the right size is important. If you buy a smaller generator, you may not be able to run all the important appliances you need at home. Overloading a small generator isn’t a good idea because it might break down and do damage to your appliances instead.

If you buy a larger generator, you won’t get the most of your money since you’ll be spending more on the generator itself and its installation, maintenance, fuel and repairs.  Here’s what Consumer Reports recommend for households:

  • Small Portable – This has the capacity of 3,000 to 4,000 watts. It can power basic appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves, lights, televisions and sump pumps.
  • Mid-sized Portable and Small Stationary – With a 5,000 to 8,500-watt capacity, it can power what small portable models could plus heating systems, portable heaters, second pumps and computers.
  • Large Portable – This features a 10,000-watt capacity that can power electric ranges, small water heaters and central air conditioners.
  • Large Stationary – With 10,000 to 15,000 watts, its capacity can power the same as large portables including an electric dryer and a clothes washer.
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In case of emergency, having a stand-by or portable generator is a big help. Before buying one, don’t forget to take note of the type and size that’s ideal for your home or business.