Airconditioning Maintenance and Repair Pointers for New Homeowners

Airconditioning MaintenanceCongratulations on your new home! It may be small, but it’s just perfect for your needs as a young professional moving up in your chosen career.

The thing is, you probably spend a lot of time at work that when you get home, there’s hardly any time left to maintain the house. Though you can hire a housekeeper to keep your home clean, the care and maintenance of your appliances — especially your new air conditioning unit — will still fall on you.
With that in mind, here are a few simple but important tips to keep your air conditioning running at its best:

Find More About the Warranty

Checking on the warranty of your air conditioning unit will give you leverage if you suddenly are faced with a faulty unit. Make sure that if the air conditioner came with the apartment, the real estate company who sold you your home have also passed the warranties of the appliances that came with the house. Having all documentations on hand will make it easier for you to process a warranty on your air conditioning unit.

Keep the Manual

Everything you need to know about your unit is within the pages of a heavily diagrammed booklet called the manual. It even has the contact number, website, and address of your unit’s manufacturer, along with emergency numbers that you can call to ask important questions about your air conditioner. Perth air conditioners, in particular, have manuals that contain complete information about the manufacturer.

Contact Your Seller

Though the first people most customers tend to contact is the appliance manufacturer, in most cases, the people you should initially contact in case of an air conditioner breakdown are the people who sold you the unit. They will be the one to coordinate a repair, replacement or refund with you first before they connect with the manufacturer.
Considering you have little time for yourself as it is, and having to deal with a problematic appliance can prove to be quite a burden. Good thing there are warranties, manuals and sellers that can assist you with your air conditioner.