Truck Driving Dangers and How to Avoid Them

TruckYou are so used to the mundanities of your job: you get inside the delivery truck, you start the engine, you hit the road to deliver, you come back to the office unscathed, and then you drive yourself back home.

But haven’t you noticed that you are propelling an engine that uses strong, destructive explosions to put itself in motion? That you are driving a car made of several tons of metal moving at a speed of several miles per hour? That you are sharing the road with many other vehicles with engines, steels, and speeds same as yours?

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

The trite task of driving is what makes you think less about safety. As such, it is always important to remind yourself of how dangerous your work is. Take 5 Booklets for Safety, B&S Printing points out, can help a lot in reminding you of what you need to do before getting behind the wheel for a safer, hassle-free drive.


Do a round check-up before hitting the road. Start with your truck’s headlights and windshield, then go counter clockwise with the driver’s signal lights and side mirror, tyres, the truck’s load, and then the tail lights. Then go all the way up by checking the other side of the truck. Finish it off by checking your brakes, your accelerator, and your clutch.

Follow Your Hours of Service Regulations

In Australia, drivers and truck operators must follow hours-of-service regulations. This would ensure that drivers are safe from accidents caused by drowsiness and fatigue.

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Stay Fit

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is fatal. Don’t do anything that would impair your driving skills. By staying fit one duty at a time, you are securing not just yourself and your load, but also the people sharing the road with you.

Truckers are movers of society. Do not let the monotony of your work cloud how important your profession is, and how necessary it is for you to keep safe while on the road.