Moving It Right: Four Mistakes to Avoid During Moving Day

relocationMoving can be easier if you plan. Sufficient preparations are important to a successful, stress-free move. As soon as you choose that date to relocate, don’t procrastinate—start packing your items.

Apart from packing, another matter you must think about is how you’ll be transporting your belongings to your new home. Making the wrong choices can quickly turn your move into a nightmare.

Here are the common removal mistakes that you must avoid:

1. Using Just Your Car

Unless you don’t have furniture and only a few boxes to move, don’t think that your car will be enough for transporting your belongings. Even if you can pack everything in it, you’re risking your safety because of overloading. Don’t bother with multiple trips, unless your new place is just a few kilometres away.

2. Making Crucial Decisions at the Last Minute

An example of this is when booking a rental truck. If you decide on this the day before the move, you’re going to miss the money-saving opportunities. Drive Rentals shares that some truck hire services offer great deals for customers who book in advance. Moreover, renting a truck several weeks before the move is a sure way to secure the right size for your belongings.

3. Booking the Wrong Truck Size

Don’t settle for the smallest truck just because it’s the cheapest; this can put your valuables at risk of damages. Weigh your options before deciding on your truck rental service. This can make a big difference on your moving plans.

4. Settling for the First Truck Hire Service You See

Once you’ve determined that a mini truck hire service is the right choice, research well recommended and positively reviewed rental companies. It’s more prudent to have choices than settle on the first service that sends a quote.

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This quick guide will help make your moving day less of a chore. Start planning your move early to avoid inconvenience along the way.