Beyond Car Cleaning: Keeping Your Vehicle in Good Condition

Everyone wants their cars to look goCarwashod. Owners need to wash their car regularly to maintain and preserve its appearance. Here are several questions most car owners ask when washing a car.

When must you wash the car?

According to experts, weekly washing is ideal to keep your car in good shape. Rinse it immediately if you encounterany dead insects ornoticebird droppings on the surface, however.

Leaving the car unwashed can damage it permanently and you might have to repaint it. To remove bird droppings easily, use club soda.

What car care products shouldyou use?

Never use glass cleaner, hand soap or dishwashing detergent as these can damage the paint.Use productsspecifically designed for vehicles. These products are intended to help your car paint lastand protect the surface of your vehicle.

Also, use separate materials such as sponge and cloth for specific parts like rims, tires and glasssurfaces. When removing dry, stubborn dirt, do not remove it forcefully using sharp objects. Instead, soak it in soapy water, leave it for a few minutes and then remove it easily.

How do you dry the car properly?

Many people air dry their car by leaving itin the garage or driving around the block. These will leave water marks, which cannot be removed when it is already dry.Experts recommend using a soft, synthetic towelinstead because it is safer and will not leave hairline scratches. Remember, paint scratches affect the value of your car.

Although you might need plenty of cloths for drying, it is still worth it since clean cloths can help preserve your car’s appearance in the long run. also recommends clear coating to protect or refurbish the car paint.

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Cleaning the car is the best way to take care of it. With the right products and cleaning procedures, keep your car in good condition for a long time.