Should You Detail Your Car? 4 Signs that Say Yes.

Painted CarThe occasional car wash can only go so far. Although power washers remove all the grime and the dirt on your auto, there are some tough stains and smudges that water and soap simply cannot remedy.

Fortunately, you can keep your car clean with proper auto detailing. and other leading names in the industry say the perfect mix of detailing, maintenance work, and repairs are the secret to keeping your car’s value and appeal.

How often should you take your car to a detailing expert, though? You should have your car detailed once these signs become noticeable:

Dull Paint

The paintwork of your car – including the wheels – will fade at some point. Once this happens, regular washing won’t be enough to restore the colour’s lustre. This means that the weather has worn away the sealants and waxes on your car. If your car has lost its natural shine, consider this as the first sign to have your car polished.

After the detailing session, take measures to protect your car from the weather. Use a car cover throughout the year and protect it from hail, rain, sun, dust, and moisture.

Rough Surfaces

Slide your hand across the body of your car and feel its surface. If it doesn’t feel slick or smooth, the auto’s protective coats are no longer in top shape. The surface should neither feel bumpy nor have any rough debris.

Lack of Beading

Every pane of glass has a protective coating that makes water bead upon contact. This coat wears off after some time, though. Once this happens, water no longer beads and impairs your vision whilst driving. This is your third sign that the car has been on the road for too long – and as such, it needs professional detailing to restore your car in its best condition.

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Unpleasant Odours

Air fresheners are not always your best option. Although these products seem to “remove” the bad smell, all it really does is mask it with a more potent fragrance. This does not address the root cause of why your car has an unpleasant odour, which can worsen over time. If you fail to find the cause of the smell, your car would need proper detailing to get rid of the stench.

A car guilty of these signs means a detailing should be in order. Take your auto to the pros and get it back in top shape again.