The Truth Behind Recycled Auto Parts

partsAny vehicle basic maintenance involves the constant replacement of its old, worn parts. Not to mention various accidents that may lead to wreckage of some parts. From old tires, depleted batteries, used oil, to unintentionally damaged auto parts, replacement of these is crucial to keep a vehicle in its top shape and to prolong its life.

Replacement and maintenance can be expensive. But the truth is 5% of the parts of any vehicle model and brand can be recycled. It’s more cost-effective and it reduces a vehicle’s carbon footprint. To save the planet instead of dumping end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in landfills, Australian auto-related businesses find ways to make good use of them instead.

Reduces carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint has been a global effort. Carbon footprint refers to greenhouse gas emissions. Small manufacturers contribute a bunch when it comes to this, but there are a lot of ways they can reduce their contributions., a pioneering supplier of quality-recycled parts, believes in the power of recycling as it cuts down tasks and uses 74% less energy.

Reuses natural resources

Automobiles are some of the most recycled consumer products in the world. The steel that can be saved from wrecked parts and scrapped materials can weigh up to 14 million tonnes, which is almost equivalent to at least 13 million automobiles. By recycling a tonne of steel alone, 1134 kilos of iron ore, 635 kilos of coal and 55 kilos of limestone can be saved.

Reduces landfills

The environmental problems of landfills is a difficult issue to fix. The more waste put into landfills, the bigger the problem gets, especially with products that are not biodegradable or are slow to decompose. These sites often emit gases that can be harmful to the environment. By promoting used parts and recycling tonnes of steel and metal, a huge weight is lifted off the problem.

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Behind frowned upon recycled parts is a long list of benefits to our planet. Other than these, it can help clients chop off half the usual price of brand new auto parts, resulting in a more cost-effective maintenance plan and bigger savings. Keep your car running longer while keeping our planet alive longer with recycled auto parts.