Car Disposal: 3 Ways to Let Go of Your Wagon

Car KeysCars are among the most useful tools known to man. Whether they’re manual or automatic transmission, they can take people from point A to point B – a function that is highly in demand in the world of cities and cross-country travel. But, like any tool, they can outlive their usefulness. Soon, you will have to dispose of them when they become just a waste of space.

So, here are a few ways to go about letting go of your old ride.


Selling a vehicle gets you better profit as opposed to trading it in. This method would instantly repurpose the vehicle as it changes it to cash – useful if you no longer have plans for it and need the money to spend elsewhere. This method will cause delays, however, as you cannot get the money outright until the transaction is done. There are also legal obligations that you have to fulfil.


If you or your business is involved in philanthropy, charity is another way to get rid of your old vehicle. There are many non-profit organizations that offer car donation services. According to, the proceeds would be given to the organization’s beneficiaries. This is a good PR move for people looking to improve their company’s public image. You can get a tax deduction for the donation.  Be wary of fraudulent charities though, so do your homework if you decide to go with this method.

Trading In

If the vehicle still has some value left in it, trading it for another that suits your current requirements is also advisable. You get to enjoy a quick exchange where you can get your new vehicle as soon as you sign the trade deal. Trading it through dealers relieves you of legal responsibilities. Though trading in does not ensure that you will receive another vehicle of the same value, it is still a good way to get rid of your old ride and get a new one that suits you better.

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